What should I wear for the photographs? 

Wear what you are comfortable in and something that makes you feel fantastic!  For family photos, it is best to coordinate colors, but everyone doesn’t need to be in the same outfit or color.  Be natural, that is when photos turn out the best.

Should I get my hair and nails done?   

Yes, you should.  If you are planning on a head-shot, please get your hair cut about a week prior to the session.   This allows your hair to look more natural.  Nails should always be manicured, as they will appear in the photographs.

Where do you take the photos?

Where ever you would like!  I have many places in the Denver Metro area that are great for photo shoot, here are just a few suggestions:  Barr Lake, Daniels Park, Eastlake Nature Preserve, Adams County Fair Grounds, Denver History Museum, Denver City Park, 17 Mile House Farm, Boulder Reservoir, the Old Barn and Chatauqua Park in Boulder is always a favorite!

What if it rains?

We can reschedule, although, if it is just sprinkling and if you would like to go through with the session, we can do that.  If it is raining too hard, we will have to reschedule as rain and photo equipment don’t mix :)  Or we can schedule in the studio I belong to in Denver, Centennial or Colorado Springs.

Will you do a Photo Booth for my wedding or event?

Absolutely!  We would love to.  Me and my team will personally be there taking photos for the booth, we don’t use a photo booth machine.  We interact and have a good time with all your guests.  A red carpet is even included if you would like.

Do you really photograph pets?

Yes, and it is one of my favorite things to do!   We will go somewhere were they can run or if we schedule a session at the studio then I ask that you take them on a long walk before the photo shoot – they tend to cooperate more when they are a little tuckered out.

Do you take Senior Photos?

Yes, please contact me for a session and prices.

Is the session fee refundable?

The session is fee is not refundable, it holds your time and date and allows you to reschedule up to 2 times.  I do ask for at least 36 hours to cancel a shoot.  I ask that you communicate with me and we can work something out.

Will you take photos at my wedding?

I would be glad to be a 2nd shooter at a wedding, take “out-take” photos or provide a Photo Booth, but I leave the wedding photography to the wedding photography professionals:)

Will you take engagement photos or save the date photos?


Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes, I am a member of Professional Photographers of America.  I am continually refining my craft.

Feel free to call me with any other questions you may have,