Ann Hogan, Owner & Photographer

Cooper’s Creek Photography is inspired by my love of the outdoors and photographing people and animals doing what they enjoy!

I grew up in rural Minnesota and spent my days outdoors in the fields, usually with my horses and dogs. I have delivered calves, hand-fed baby mice and rabbits with eye droppers and even spent one night trying to capture a skunk! I love to water and downhill ski, hike through fields, admire the Colorado mountains and explore different cultures while I travel.

My action photography started many years ago while I was a “spotter” for my family of water skiers and tubers on Diamond Lake in Minnesota. I have spent hours riding “reverse” in the back of boat with my camera in hand. I quickly learned to anticipate an awesome wipe out or the flying tube.

I continued to hone my skills of anticipation while attending countless soccer games, band events and every other activity that my two boys participated in. While one son was a soccer goalkeeper and the other performed and toured with the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble and the Blue Knights Drum Corps, both of these activities required that I anticipate their movements in order to capture their moments.

During my life I have traveled to Tanzania, Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and went on safari. While on this trip, we were fortunate to experience the local culture and participate in service learning projects including building a library for the Jane Goodall Institute. This experience allowed me to expand my photography into my travel, capturing animals in their natural environment. Additionally, on a recent trip to Italy, I not only photographed some wonderful landscapes, but took action shots of a few golf swings off the tee. As you can see, I have a passion for nature and the activities of people and animals whom populate our world.

This brings me to the namesake, Cooper’s Creek Photography. Cooper is a beautiful, goofy, determined bird finder, an awesome English Setter who joined our family in late 2012. He loves to relax on the couch; point birds in the yard, and in 2013, began bird hunting in the field. Following him in the field, capturing his moments, along with those of other gun dogs and their hunters, quickly became a passion. With encouragement from others, I launched Cooper’s Creek Photography.

Cooper’s Creek Photography expresses a sincere “THANKS” those whom have let me tag along on their hunts. I am both excited and honored to offer photography services for any of your events, animals enjoying the outdoors, or capturing any special action moments that bring you joy!

To learn more about me, please visit www.annhoganconsulting.com